July 15, 2016





"I don't discriminate against sushi. It's all good in my book." - Billy Horschel

Where did I have the best Sushi ever?

Birthdays, a time of year I think needs to be celebrated, for as long as you want to celebrate it! I usually enjoy my birthday about 2 weeks at once, this year, things happened different than what I usually expect it (never a bad thing). Last night, about 2 months after my birthday, my birthday was celebrated and I must say, what a celebration. There might not have been a party in particular but, there was definitely a celebration to the tastebuds. Good food, good company and amazing sushi, the perfect recipe to a celebration.

The downside of eating such amazing sushi is that now I have been spoilt and would never again walk into a regular South African sushi bar (yes, cheap Chinese/Thai restaurant) and enjoy sushi as I did last night. What makes this place South African is the South African wife that married her Japanese husband more than 30 years ago and brought sushi to South Africa.

Let me warn you, if you find that place, you need to book and pre-order some dishes... Maybe ask what they recommend, what I would recommend is the Sashimi!


This plate of heaven was just the start to a whole new experience to the world of Sushi. The Sake also tasted better after that first piece of Sashimi. Usually I never order Sashimi and usually I do not eat the Calamari on a Sashimi plate but, after last night that usually will change to an all the time! The pieces taste fresh, yes, Sushi is suppose to always be fresh, it tastes fresher than all the other Sushi in Cape Town. (Please, if you question that, inform me and I will go try it in a heartbeat). The Sashimi did not feel slippery, although we were suggested to eat with our hands because the fish is so fresh.

Speaking of fresh, do you like fresh vegetables but like tempura as well... Yes, Vegetable Tempura! Don't worry, there is Prawn & Tuna Tempura as well, but if there is someone at the table that is not a big Sushi fan, you can satisfy them with these goodies! Butternut, Sweet Potato, Zucchini, and a delicious sauce to dip it in, not that you need it but when you can have your cake and eat it whilst it's buttered on all sides, then why not?!



The menu may not consist of a feast of choices but the options are in fact a feast. The Seafood-Pot and the Beef-Pot can be ordered for the table. We had half a Seafood-Pot and four of us enjoyed it AND still there was a 'doggybag' asked. The Pot is also kept warm on the table so it's like eating from the pot, the way your mother always told you not to!


After all this, we still felt brave enough for a Sushi platter for 4, ok, not really, we ordered the Sushi before we ate the Seafood-Pot and as soon as it arrived we were still convinced we will finish it all. We started with good intentions, and, if we stayed there for a few hours I would have finished the plate but in the time we were there it was not a possibility.


And let me tell you, the Fatty Tuna is a fresh new addition to my Sushi list of musts.

Oh, and let's not forget the Roses, we also ordered Roses. These are proper Roses, big pieces of fish, beautifully wrapped and presented, not a big pile of rice wrapped like a present with a thin layer of Salmon.



So here we are, at the end... Now you have to decide, are you having Sushi tonight? Or will you be going tomorrow night?

Well if you do, it is called The Secret Japanese Restaurant. Contact me for details...

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